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Gay Felch

Gay Felch

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I would eat the cum out of either of these hot studs' asses. Gay felch videos are usually more leather or extreme oriented; nice to see a clean cut college aged couple that's not afraid to suck anal cum.
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Teen Creampie

Teen Creampie

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These teen gay boys are hot as fuck! They're both obviously very into fucking with each other, and have beautiful bodies and cocks. The top boy delivers a sweet spray of cum across the blond twink's balls and tight hole. Two cocks up!
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Bareback GayCam

Bareback GayCam

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The TV noise in the background is downright absurd in this gay amateur clip. The raw asspounding more than makes up for it, though. How about it, men? Ready to turn on your gaycam and upload it?
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Bareback GayXXX

Bareback GayXXX

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I did not like my vacation in Key West. Maybe because my boyfriend at the time resented the gayxxx threesomes I set up with locals, maybe it was because I'm claustrophobic and all the buildings are right on top of each other there, or maybe it was because we were tripping balls when we pulled in to town and everything just started off strange.
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Gay Nerd Bareback

Gay Nerd Bareback

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How cute is this gay dork! And he's got a donkey cock that could choke... well, a donkey. This adorable bottom gives it a good go, though. The top looks a little like Christian Slater, except with a normal hairline, and he doesn't appear to be drunk.
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Twink Sex Party

Twink Sex Party

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Eleven minuted isn't nearly enough time to watch all eight of these hot gayboys getting off! If I ever film my own sexparty video, I promise you it'll be at least an hour. And that will be the edited version.
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Gangbang Bareback

Gangbang Bareback

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That's how you change a boy into a man in 19 minutes and 35 seconds: Get a bunch of skeezy men to gangbang his tiny, tight ass bareback. I'll settle for sloppy seconds in that little boyhole; just don't make me sloppy 11th.
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